About Our Setting.

Rooms and outdoor space

We have 3 Zones that the children will go through within the Nursery:

Caterpillars (0-2’s):

Our main focus with the babies is to ensure that we follow the routine set for them by you whilst giving them a stimulating environment to thrive in. We follow a holistic approach within our baby room and are very sensory focused. We consider their individual needs and assist with their development in all areas.

Cocoons (2-3’s):

Here we begin to introduce some structure into the children’s days with morning and afternoon planned activities. Where possible we follow the child’s interest and will ensure our activities include these. As this is a transition room we cater well for potty training as well as reducing daytime sleeps at your request. We continue with the child’s development and begin to introduce all areas of development as stated in the EYFS.

Butterflies (3-5’s):

Here we have quite a set structure for the children. We begin to focus more on letters and numbers and will work with you to ensure your child is school ready. We continue to focus on child’s interest and work with them to use these interests to assist with their development.

Extra Curricular

Whenever possible we take the children outside the Nursery. We often go to the park as well as walks around our local community and trips on the bus to the local library and soft play.

Our Address

2-4 Wellington Lane

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